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I got a serious gripe about photo stores around here. There's two big franchises that pretty much own the whole market to themselves. And on the top of it, their website is SO similar, I wouldnt even be surprises if they're owned by the same owner. Very similar website, they never got a store from one franchise close to a store of the other one; you can clearly see the pattern since some of those malls are big enough to get one of each futureshop, bestbuy, The Source and some other random electronics stores or franchises; but NEVER two photo stores.

Before I continue, I must say that from what I see, there's a LOT more Nikon users that Canon users around here. For example, on my last photo walk to the Montmorency falls, I saw 6 or 7 nikons and not a single Canon. Yet, Canon shooters are usually a lot more serious into photography, but on the numbers, Nikon is the big winner around here.

Now back to the shops. They had a conflict years ago with Nikon. They're very shady and evasive when it comes to discussing Nikon products and they just CANT talk about them without bashing them. Sounds like they think that the customer will automatically switch to Canon if they behave the way they do. In my case, its just chasing me away and I always end up buying on internet because they dont have what I want and if they do, its on the high side price-wise. I dont mind overpaying a bit and help with the local business, but when you know they have that kind of thinking about Nikon; its a no-go most of the time.

On the top of it, this weekend is the digital photography festival and the said shop if the promoter. Guess what, Nikon's not invited but everybody else is: Canon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, even Panasonic!

Luckily for some of us, the big not-specialized stores like BestBuy or FutureShop got the whole array of Nikon stuff, but I really dont like those stores because of a personnal conflict in the past. I shop there when I want something NOW, but I would prefer to support a photo store before shopping at those stores where they spend more time talking about their extended warranty plan then the actual product they try to sell you, but dont know jack-sh*t about it.

I envy some of you guys that can just go out, rent a lens; and then decide if its good enough to buy it. That's barely an option around here. They have a very limited number of lenses for rent and, you guessed it right, they're mostly Canon's.


Thanks for reading. I feel lighter already
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