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I realize this is on old thread -- but I had similar issues with my rear anti-rattle clips and I thought I'd share my mistake. I installed them wrong and lost one clip.

Although the shape of the clip suggests that the wide ends of the clip should go 'inside' the caliper housing -- they fit really well there and seem like they'd sit right behind the pad preventing it from rattling -- they actually don't. The wide ends go on the outside of the caliper housing and provide the tension that hold the 'pronged' central portion of the clip against the 'slot' in the round holes.

Note that the orientation of the clip is the same in both the 'right' and 'wrong' scenarios. It is just that the wide ends of the clip push against the bottom of the caliper housing in the 'right' installation, rather than being under no tension (because they are 'inside' the caliper resting against the pads) in the 'wrong' installation.

Once installed correctly -- there is no chance of accidental dislodgment