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i got revived with this price quote

Thanks for your interest in working with At Speed Motorsports. We truly appreciate the opportunity to show you the difference our high quality service really makes. We have performed quite a few suspension upgrades for the 335, as well as just about every other BMW model.

You’d be looking at a total of 7.2 hours to complete the full installation, at our labor rate of $115/hour. You’d also want to have your car aligned after, which would be our standard cost of $210. Because we perform alignments on a variety of street and track cars, we have each of our clients meet with the technician who will be performing the alignment. You can discuss your driving style and what you want out of the car. From there the tech will be able to give a custom alignment to give you the most out of your updated suspension.

Please give me a call at 410-712-4290 or shoot me an email so we can schedule a good time for you to come in.

I look forward to hearing from you, and as I said before, we really appreciate the opportunity to work on your 335.


Aaron Klimchuk

what do you guys think