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I would suggest that adding an extension wouldn't be cost effective, even if you do most of the work yourself.
Tittilation is the way to gain value from a house, especially an older one, but of course an older property can hide some expensive nightmares.
Victorian terraces (if you can find one in disrepair!) can often benefit from a loft conversion, especially if the roof is already knackered. Look for other ones on the street as an indication of if the Council are sympathetic to this type of conversion - often they will only agree if the window is on the rear elevation.

As a QS, you will know that the initial figure you calculate will be half the actual money you spend.
Also, Architect's don't live on this planet, but spend all their time watching Kevin Whatisface on Location Location etc, so have no practical idea of what a house would benefit from. As an extreme example of this, some years ago, I visited Windsor Castle (as a tourist!!), and they had an exhibition of proposals to rebuild after the fire. There were some basic proviso's - half contemporary build, half period build, not above a certain height. Now, you would think that big architects would want Windsor Castle on their portfolio, but MOST of the proposals were rejected because they didn't meet one or all of those basic limitations. Arrogance? stupidity? who knows?? My own personal experience with architects is similar. Apologies to any architects reading - I'm sure there are good ones out there!!