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I just registered here to express my opinion. I have an '04 Audi A6 3.0tdi Quattro. When I bought it (new) it had Michelin Pilot tyres fitted. I subsequently replaced these with another set of Michelins, and then switched to Pirelli P7s. I usually only buy European cars and tyres as I like to support our own local brands, but when my last set of P7s wore out, I was quoted 280 for two new ones. This is about $386.

In the current economic climate I asked around some buddies of mine in the trade and they told me to look at economy brand tyres called "sunny." I had never heard of these, but the price for two Sunny SN 3800s was 110 fitted (for two) so I went ahead.

I can only say that since they were fitted I have been very impressed. The grip and ride quality is superb, and the performance is on a par with the Pirelli P7s. I was driving from Cork to Dublin last week and hit 225 kph (about 140 mph) on the motorway, with no problem from the tyres.

So in my opinion, I have made a good choice. Maybe competition like this will encourage our home brands like Michelin, Continental, and Pirelli to reduce their prices, but for now I am happy I switched.

By the way, I have an Audi now, but in the past I have had three BMW E30s, which I was very happy with. I hope you guys in the US don't mind an Audi driver posting on your forum, but I just saw the post about Sunny Tyres and wanted to give some feedback.