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Originally Posted by SfValley335i View Post
just as Bnj said, I was referring to tuning products not actual cars.But I bought the bmw because of its name/styling and the motor. It has all 3 things in 1 package, luxury, turbo's and euro styling.

If Company A developed and made a product "xede" and Company B created a legal copy (or similar product) which gave the same HP/Torq but at a lower price. I wouldn't Pay a Premium on the product to Company A because they spent more time developing it. Again it isnt about who made what first, its about who can make a product with one of the highest power gains at the cheapest price. And as of right now AA tuning has that product.

Just because the PROcede has more Inputs/Outputs compared to AA tuning Xede doesnt make it better. At the moment procede is not using any of the extra I/O to make higher hp/torq gains. Thus until they do put those extra I/O's to use then AA tuning is better because of its lower Price and availability.
AA tuning may have that product, and if it truly does have more power that's great. However, one major thing of consideration is that the PROCEDE has been tested much longer and has even proven itself on the track (at Bathurst).

So in a way, longevity does rule in the end. A lot of people on this forum would love to buy the "fastest" product, sure....but I would assume that most would not want something that has no track-record. AA, as a company, may have a track record, but does this specific product for the 335i have one? NOT YET.

It does not mean its a bad product, it simply hasn't been "proven" yet. Till that day comes, Vishnu Tuning will continue to be regarded as the leader. It's that simple.

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