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just setup this in the main living/lounge to my wife's horror

PC -> 77" LG C1 120Hz G Sync/Freesync
Fanatec GT DD Pro 8Nm + WRC Elite Wheel + CSL Load Kit Pedals
Next Level Racing Motion V3/ GT Track Seat + Rig

they are all good apart from the NLR stuff - the seat is horrible, the motion fun and fake at the same time, the rig is expensive but works as it should, nothing more nothing less.

the Sims
Xbox yet untouched
GT7 - terrible as a sim, but license test is fun as heck
Assetto Corsa - most fun if you just want to drive around, cars that are less powerful and have no aero kit, as HUD with the speed right in the center of the screen, very helpful!

I am not sure how to race anything it seems so i find ACC/iRacing/R Factor 2 a bit too powerful and i have no idea of what speed i'm going, just can't get a sense of speed - i crash a lot! can't they give me a normal car with Cup 2 tires and no Aero kit like an X-Drive M4 for example ... i might crash less ...

but then i turn off every assist there is. maybe i need assist ....

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