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Originally Posted by bolinp78 View Post
So you want to make sure that other people see where your money has gone (to your car), while others would rather spend it on a hobby where they are likely the only one that even knows that they spent money on it.

You put your money on an item that exists in the real world and is one of the fastest depreciating items you can own, and they put their money on an item that exists in cyberspace for a game that they will inevitably quit, much like you will inevitably sell your car.

So what?
so nothing, just my opinion, nothing wrong with it. real world item might be depreciating but still has real world value, unless whatever you bought in game can be resold again than it has no value. It wasn't meant to be a negative comment, I play the game too obviously but I wouldn't pay real money for unreal items, I already paid $60 for the game. Just weird to me that even during my WOW days I heard people paying real money for in game gold.