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Originally Posted by DR-JEKL View Post
Well a few small updates.

I spent the weekend with my rotary trying to polish out the swirls and small paint defects.

I have only ever had JDM cars, and it seems as though the paint is somewhat harder on the BMW and the Lake Country orange CCS pad with fine cut cleaner wouldnt remove the defects that I could remove in the past on my JDM cars.

The sealant used by BMW still maintained a glossy finish, but under afternoon light you could see the paint was riddled with fine swirls. Also running your palm across the paint you could feel the built up contaminants in the paint:

Love the TLC that your giving the car!! I under the frustration of after long hours cleans the beast yet you are still not satisfied with the work

Maybe it's just OCD !! guess we have something in common :P do you use the machine or all done by hand?