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Faint Beeping Or Humming Interior Noise

I get what sounds like a distant *Beeping* noise when my Heat is turned off. Hard to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. But you can't hear it from the outside of the car.

Sounds like a distant trailer backing up, but of course not as loud. Does anybody have this. It sounds faint and if my radio is on I cant hear it. If the heat is turned on the beeping noises stops pulsating but instead u hear a steady drone of the beep, but its so faint that if the noise stops pulsating your ears basically get use to it and starts to tune it out.

It can get pretty annoying when you have the radio off. The rhythm and volume of these beeping noises also changes and you never know how faint or loud its going to be or the pattern of the beeps. Sometimes you barely hear it and the beeps are coming in every 15 seconds. Sometimes it gets a little louder and you hear it ever 2 seconds. I also find the noise gets lower when driving.

Again it kinda reminds me of a distant trailer backing up and the beeping noise it makes.

Does anybody have this?