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OK Guys, just want to update and share my experience in the hopes of it might help someone out if they ever come across the same issues I had.

To recap:
DPF Issue light came on. Car is e90 330d lci 2010 built.
Tried carly to force regen but was bugging out and also there were some codes that carly could not clear(specifically 003FC0 - Air Flow Sensor) so the regen request wasnt taking place.
Soot Level was around 70 and I could feel the car was getting more sluggy everyday.

So Ken, whom by the way have been so helpful with my saga all the way, and I have taken it to private messaging to diagnose my issues.
Downloaded ISTA D as I have bought the K DCAN cable from bimmergeeks a couple of weeks back(as recommended by Ken before).

I couldn't get ISTA installed on my old dell E6230 running windows 7 sp1 without errors, but I will elaborate on that later.

After about a week of driving the car I could definitely feel major power loss. DPF fault camo on after 10 mins as usual. After about 20 mins, suddenly there was like air blowing through the hood with a funny distinct smell as i can smell through the cabin. I cannot see the air blowing through but just hear it, like letting air out of your tires sound when I step on the gas. Got the carly out and cleared codes, funnily enough the dpf light didn't come back on and I was successful at regen as i saw soot decreasing and the soot was being read properly thus time, got it down to 60 gms. I didnt continue longer as i just tried to head home because of the hissing sound. Msged Ken about the issue and he advised to get BMW or an indy to diagnose before anything expensive is damaged.

The Indy(euro specialist) experience.
After about 2 days, I was on my way to the indy to get it checked out, the car didn't have any hissing sound anymore, and the power loss was not as significant. Explained to the mechanic about issues so far and I left to go to work. Later he called me to tell me that he scanned it and there were no issues he could see with the car and just that the DPF was dirty. I asked him what caused it to be so dirty as maybe there's an underlying issue:
- said that maybe bad fuel, maybe fuel wasn't getting hot enough.
- Told him that these DPF were good for around 250k kms(as advised by Ken previously) and he said no way, these DPF will be lucky to hit 100K
- Said that he gets this all the time and that the solution is to take DPF out, clean it up and put it back in. Quoted me 700 to clean and 300 for labor.
-I asked will it come back? he said yes usually, then he'll just need to clean it out again and treat it like a maintenance thing
So at this point, I know this guy was having me on. So I said ok, I'll just pick the car up and decide what to do later. Charged me 160 for diagnosis and later when I picked up the car, he said that he tried to regen as much as he can before I came, but it still needs cleaning. He also advised not to force regen as he said this will melt the catalytic converter. I said ok, paid him then left. If anyone is interested who this mechanic is at Seven Hills, PM me so you can avoid this clown.

So when I got back home, I tried to force regen again. Carly this time was reading accurrate Soot levels - around 52gms. The regen wouldn't kick in as there were some faults that I couldn't clear. The car drove like it was before when I dropped it off to the indy, bit sluggish and no hissing sound. I have been messaging Ken and he has been giving me advise on how to resolve the issue. since 3FC0 error wouldnt allow DPF regen to occur, really need to get ISTA working to clear the codes.

Ken helped me out getting ISTA installed and I have been bugging him with my issues for more than a week with the car and software installation. Ken advised that the MAF could be faulty or needs cleaning. Try cleaning it first as they are expensive to buy. I bought CRC MAF Cleaner and cleared 003FC0 code and reset the Air Flow Adaptations as advised by Ken and he also told me the steps on how to do these things. I cleared the codes, reset adaptations but regen still wont kick in. I was on the side road and PM'ed Ken that this was where I was at and I mentioned that there was one error that i couldn't clear - 004A6F - DDE Control Unit. Almost instantly he replied, while I was on the road, when I needed prompt assistance. He said the error shoudln't cause the DPF not to regen. So I tried to request again through ISTA, and figured out my earlier mistake why it wouldn't regen. In the steps in ISTA to request regen, theres a message there that regen wont occur if there are faults not cleared. I didn't continue past that step and I thought that ISTA wont let me regen. so this time I just clicked next instead of backing out and was successful in requesting regen.

And after 2 weeks of grief, DPF was regenerating! I got my carly out to look at the levels and I got it down to 36 before it stopped. went back home and decided I would try again later. Went back out after 2 hours and requested regen, and I am so glad to tell you that DPF is now at 0gms, going up normally, Car got it's power back, and no faults at all when scanning again.

My ISTA Troubles:
So I was installing ISTA to diagnose the car and to delete codes, and reset adaptations as carly cannot do this. I was having issues launching the software. It wouldnt open and error was CLR20R3. Ken immediately advised that this is a .net related error and advised to cumulatively install the .net frameworks and try again. Did that and got it working. Tips to anyone having issues in Win7 sp1 ISTA install:
-Make sure that BMW Standard tools is installed before you install ISTA
-since windows 7 has .net framework 3.5 within it, download and install all the later versions - 4.0, 4.5, 4.51, 4.52, 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2, 4.7, 4.7.1, 4.7.2

TLDR: CAR DPF issues and ISTA install issues. Ken helped me out on two fronts and now car is purring again like a kitten.

Lastly, I would like to just say that Ken, Thank you very much for your help and for putting up with me and my issues. You helped and advised me heaps and I have avoided getting a large bill and now have a working tool to diagnose my car in the future, You are an asset to this community with your expert knowledge and willingness to help people out. Thank you.