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Originally Posted by Chrispy650
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If you want a whiter color from your headlights, get the New Osram Cool Blue Intense bulbs. Unlike any other bulb on the market (aftermarket or otherwise) this creates a whiter 5000K color not through tinting the bulb (which decreases light output) but by using a different mix of salts in the bulb. You pay a premium for it, but they're so nice. The guys/gals on HIDPlanet absolutely rave about it.
Do you have these yourself? I was looking at getting a pair but I am not sure how good they will look knowing BMW projectors aren't the greatest. I've always been curious to see how the CBIs look in the e9x projectors but haven't been able to find anyone with them lol. When I went to HIDPlanet it looked like most of the cars on there had good projectors so the light came out really nice but I know those projectors are better than ours .
its almost time to change out my bulbs...and I definitely will be getting the CBIs.

I've seen shots of them in euro reflector hid housings (older Benz e class) and it looked awesome! given that, in my mind, its a great bulb for any HID system.

and with a clear lens + shield tuning, I think any projector can be given a noticable upgrade. once I get the guts to crack open my lights for led rings, I'll definitely be doing just that.