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Originally Posted by BobS View Post
Any links? Quick search comes up with kits that give 550-625 hp (crank I think?).
Thats the Ford Racing kit, that retains factory warranty lol(for the 550hp version.) My coworker took delivery a of 2013 GT a couple weeks ago and that's an awesome car. He's already saved up for the Ford racing supercharger kit, however he's holding out because Ford just released the twin turbo mustang Cobrajet and whatever they use almost always becomes a ford racing part soon after. He's hoping that next there will be a Ford racing TT kit.

Back semi on topic: I can see any number of mildly modded american cars raping current "gen" single turbo N54. The N54 really isn't capable of playing with the big boys yet, we need bigger turbos than what has been used so far.
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