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LCi 325i Business Nav- coding required?


Sorry, I am sure that this has been covered already but am on a steep learning curve here.

I recently bought a September 2009 325i SE with business nav (one cd slot and usb in the glovebox, no usb in the armrest) and the basic stereo with no tweeters. The sound was... dire! The dealer gave me a good price on the alpine retrofit, but fitted it according to the instructions.

I don't think it has been coded as it still sounds EQ'd. I have had to turn the bass down a bit and the treble a lot to make it sound ok. Alert noises, bluetooth, nav and the PDC all sound fine.

The dealer said it doesn't need to be coded. Reading on here makes me think that it does need to be coded to 'hifi'. If the dealer won't do it, then what are my options? I am in SE London.

Many thanks


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