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Originally Posted by Smallett View Post
Ahh that makes perfect sense now. Thanks.
I will be replacing with SWS8's and therefore will need to run new cable for these. I was contemplating running new cable also to the Front doors (where I'm putting focals 100KRS) - but this is mainly because I think I'll struggle to get the focal crossover in the door (I've got an E93).

I like your idea of using the MS-8 to power the Centre and rears and was thinking of doing the same - are you still pleased with that setup -any problems with PDC gongs etc.?
Smallett, I have a E93 also and going to upgrade my hifi system.

Did you have to, or does anyone know, if the wires to hook up a center speaker are already installed, or is this classic BMW where the wire loom is so specific for just this car?

Thanks, don't want to hijack thread and will start my own when I get started.