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Originally Posted by E39hijinks View Post
Nope. ^ wrong. It IS the officer's discretion to mark as correctable or non-correctable. If you're a past offender (which they do look up) they will mark it as non-correctable. Ask me how I know. I am the master at getting tint tickets and have been getting them ever since I got my license 9 years ago. This is old, old news.
Wow only licensed for 9 years?! Really making me feel old now!
All im saying is the person who has the final word is the judge. As in my case that just happened this last week and also verified by the numerous law enforcement agents i have in my family who pushed me to go to court to fight it. Cops can write whatever they want and if your a sucker and pay up, its your loss. It never hurts to fight it and in an attempt to throw it out.