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Mr5 Intake Question

I've come to the conclusion that I want to do a Mr5 Intake but on my car there is bar that cuts right across the area where the tube would be going and leaves no room for it that I can see. I'm not talking about the thing you cut out under the power steering reservior holder-bracket. You can see what i'm talking about in the photos (I put the 4 blinding and glowing line stickers on the bar to highlight it). This is kind of a brace of sorts connecting the frame to the fender and I don't think I would want to remove it since it looks like it's kind of a structural piece. Do some cars maybe not have this? I have an '07 E92 coupe. Did anybody with the intake just take out the bar to make room for the tube? Also I thought I saw somewhere that somebody had what looked like maybe a one way valve in the middle of the tube (I can't find it now). I was thinking about doing this too-anybody know what i'm talking about and where I can get one?
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