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I'm fairly certain that any of the non-DIY CAI's require that this bar be taken out (Dinan, UR, STETT) at your own risk. If you search through most of the threads of forums members doing the Mr. 5 intake mod with e92's, they've removed it as well.

Only the e92's have them, not the e90 sedans. Why? Who knows. It may have something to do with the fenders on the e92 being plastic, it may not.

All I know is even if people tell you it's perfectly fine to remove it, they could be right while you're driving around town, but no one has actually tested the merits of this theory by going out and getting into a head-on collision once they've removed it. Thus, I refuse to remove mine and instead use 2.5" dia tubing for my Mr. 5 intake rather than 3", so that it can squeeze behind that frame brace without needing to be removed. That one workaround for you.