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Originally Posted by Meeni View Post
The measurement is off when you just have topped off, so don't rely on the gauge to "measure" what you add, the level would change next time you drive anyway (which you just witnessed btw).

When the car say add 1 qt, just add exactly that. The sensor triggers when the car needs exactly 1qt to get back to max. You should not top off as long as this "add 1qt" signal does not appear (as there is no reliable way to not overfill, then).

Since you did add 1qt total, you have not overfilled and you are fine

Again, it is unlikely you are burning oil at this mileage, but this level of oil "consumption" is abnormal, you probably have a leak somewhere, you should do the flashlight inspection.
Interesting. Okay, I'll remember that.

Idk last time I had it changed, (while leaving) the level was towards the min side instead of being exactly in the middle, so idk if it was just low, as is, on top of burning oil or what.

My tips are spotless, so I notice when I have to wipe black soot off of them. I did yesterday, but I was thinking that thats normal. Seems way early in the life of the motor to be burning oil.

I'll look for caked oil around the engine bay. I hope I don't have a leak :/

btw, thanks for the quick reply!