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Originally Posted by Kiem@DetailAddict View Post
+1 Try looking at it at different angles directly into where the sun is reflecting as well.

+1 I detail cars professionally... I have a Jet Black 08 E90, I have swirls... LOL =PWell its a daily, so no point of making it swirl-less...

The second picture scratch looks kinda deep, see if you can catch it with your finger nail, if you can... I'm sorry, but that's gone, not much you can do about it.

For the smaller scratches, try Meguiars M205 with the Lake Country Orange Foam Pad and see how it goes, if you feel like it might cut too much with the Orange pad, try the Red pad before you start with the Orange. Its better to start with less abrasive to more just to avoid more work than necessary. With detailing, to be honest sometimes it trial and error, we don't really know deep the scratches are until we actually work on it. If M205 doesn't remove it, you might have to go more abrasive like M105 with the Orange Pad.

Id just do white pad + 205 on the whole car. from the pics it only needs a good final polish than sealent + wax.
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