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Euro's do the discs and pads for the 335 range as I've obtained them several times, through work or some of my customers, however and this is the big thing you need to find someone who can read their inventory as its so I'm told not 100% obvious that these are on offer the first time I asked I got 330/24mm and pads to match, turned out they were the 330 set up, eventually after a bit of digging 348/30mm's were sourced, though i later found out that there not quite 30mm's but 28.4mm's the disc they'll supply will be Pagid the pad wear sensor will again be Pagid and pad wise its transpired will be either Pagid or Textar(trading name of Mintex) from memory there's a third brand but for the life of me I can't remember the brand but if you manage to obtain the discs they'll be Pagid, which is a decent brand.

But it's sometimes due to grief and their labelling system easier to source elsewhere like GSF for instance, purely down to the grief trying to get the right items but as I've found it's down to the person on the other side of the phone/counter who can make things happen though the part number which you can get off the web can really help if in doubt but its not a common part.

You'll find them if you enter your reg number then select discs on the page about the 3rd or 4th item down just check the disc measurement to ensure you get the right diameter.