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More coil pack grief- anyone seen intermittent problems? And how much to change them?

As per my whinge a couple of weeks ago, my 2007 (N53 engine,ED) 330 had a coil pack fail recently, at 22k miles and one month out of the manfacturer's warranty. Another had also failed exactly one year earlier. Given that I had already purchased the Gold level enhanced warranty (that only comes into effect on 15th Feb) BMW paid half the bill, which was still 150.

Well today the engine management light came on again, with the same symptoms (obviously running on 5 cylinders) at the end of a drive. Thank god, it started as normal on the next start - I use the car a lot for work and have some vital meetings a long way away tomorrow.

Which begs some questions. Can they play up before failing? I would assume they were working, or not. Can anything else cause them to fail? Both times it has happened after a fairly spirited DCT-on drive - but nothing like a thrashing. The car generally has a fairly easy life of long journeys and no town driving as my 34-36 mpg average attests. And how much work is involved in changing all the coil packs? The 150 bill as "half" the price for one took me aback - what would an indie charge to do the lot?