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This happened once the other day and four times today. The first few times I was able to pull over and re-start and it cleared it. Then it happened again and cleared itself after a few minutes, but later in the day it came back and re-starting now makes no difference. Looks like dealer time

It's had two tanks of Super since the last post, and also happened for the first time today only a handful of (gentle) miles into the journey, so it seems not to be linked to driving hard, a hot engine, or 95RON fuel. Juts shoddy design or manufacturing, I guess - the car has already had two coils done and is 3 years 2 months and 24k miles old...

I am now covered by the "gold" BMW warranty at least, but a 100 excess each time for every coil - if that is how it ends up - would be a lot more than just paying an indie to change them all now, which may be an option since it needs an oil change soon. Probably best to go back to the dealer who did the recent coil pack change - though the chances of them saying "ooh yes, it is the one we changed that has broken again, we'll fix it for free" is about zero, as it would be with any car dealer.

Any indie recommendations in Hants?

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