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Originally Posted by Philz BMW View Post
I change my oil every day after I come home from work, or every 50 miles. Sometimes this requires that I pull over on the highway and change my oil, but trust me going more than 50 miles without an oil change is harmful. All the engineers who designed these cars and the oil companies are in a giant conspiracy. I am smarter than all of them and can reference wikipedia and other internet shit for days to prove my point.
This is about as crazy as Charlie Sheen! WTF did this come from? Looks like we got some bi-polar action on the forum as well. I myself would not go 18 mos. without an oil change, and it's the same motor as before. The engineers have nothing to do with it, it's the bean counters extending the service interval. You got any videos on youtube we can watch so we can win like you?