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Originally Posted by LaLakers91tc View Post
Bump, just had this happen to me as well... I hate it... I use D/S and M all the time and it feels like I'm driving a true auto once again...

Anyone have any advice on the fix... I definitely need this repaired soon.
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Let me give you a few pointers as I am STILL suffering the "NO DS mode" headache and have tried most things on these forums.

The "NO DS" things can be triggered by a number of things, being the most "famous" (or infamous I should say):

- A faulty PRNDL board
- A broken wire on that same board (blue harness)
- A broken wire from the loom right below the shifter plate (most likely a blue wire)
- Someone once mentioned a "solenoid valve" on the gearshift assembly.

The most successful fix is:

- Getting a new gearshift assembly: $450 + Labor (around $900)
- Finding the broken wire and either soldering it or splicing it. (free)
- Replacing the PRNDL board (around $35-$50 on ebay).

In my case, I have tried everything but replacing the complete gearshift assy. for obvious reasons.

Interesting find: While playing with the gearshift and shifting it from D to the DS mode I hear a click and found it comes from a contact sensor...could that be culprit? maybe but I have no way to access it or replace it as I doubt I can find that off the shelf or have bmw sell it to me.

Anyways, try what I outlined above and search for one of my posts where I posted pictures and a link to a DIY for this matter. Good luck!
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