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Originally Posted by eduardomi View Post
Thanks for taking the time and posting pictures of your problem. I hope my write up was helpful

I just bought a used gearshift assembly on ebay for $100 and I was going to try my luck today on replacing it but my buddy's shop is full so I will try on Monday.

What was your problem exactly? Because many people seem to be experiencing variations of the same problem for example, this is mine:

Whenever I move the shifter from "D" to the left, the small led on the PRNDL indicator (not the one on the dash) also moves to the left to the +- position. However, on the DASH the indicator stays in D, not DS.

When the shifter is tilted to the left, I can use it UP and DOWN to go through the gears and in the dash M1, M2, M3, etc is shown. The same goes for the paddle shifters the work like a charm but after a while of not using them (shifter or paddles) they car goes from a "M" mode to normal "D".

It seems like Manual mode works well but is the DS that is not engaging.

Was this your problem? Different variations of the same problem require different approaches like checking cables, checking PRNLD switch or in the worst case scenario replacing the whole gearshift assy.

What was your problem?


My problem was that I would move the shifter to D/S and the little light next to it would not come on, and the dash would still say "D" and it didn't respond when I tried to shift it up or down either, so complete loss of D/S & M functionality
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