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How did the cable routing trays work for you? I'm using velcro cable ties to hold the cables together and have them running along the strut brace and firewall. Thats easier to undo if necessary than zip ties (in my opinion). It looks OK, but I'm wondering if I should take the extra step and order the trays. If you have a picture with trays installed, that would be fantastic!!

FWIW, I did this modification yesterday because my original cowl, filter covers and cable tray were beaten up after having been removed so many time; and, incremental cost was about $100 more than if I had used non M3 stock components. I don't notice additional noise, but I typically have windows open, radio on, A/C on or a combination of the three. Water intrusion does not appear to be an issue. I drove in rain this morning and tossed a bucket of water on the windshield this afternoon. Water drains as normal and there's nothing near the DME.

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