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Originally Posted by Tunna_uk View Post
I did a RD install. I did it as part of the process of changing my headlamps over to LCI. I posted the install pics up on here a while ago.
Works for me and never had any radio interference or problems

Do a search for my thread.

since then I changed the low beam bulb for a matching colour temp one

Sorted !
Yup, I've read your posts on this and I think it was your DIY I was looking at with the tape round the AE. In fact, I've read nearly every post on this in the UK section. It seems that a few people think the radio interference only happens on diesels.

If I go the LED route then I'll be looking for some that are straight plug n play as I can't be arsed with splicing wires, I'm not the best with electrics. At the moment I'm leaning toward the Mtec ones as they make all the right claims and being supplied through a reputable supplier I should get my money back if the claims are bogus.
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