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Originally Posted by toocool4yooh View Post
Noice, yeah I use my internet throughout the whole day. Now I have the modem in my room so I'm hooked straight up to the internet
Hell yes.. I watched act of valor on netflix yesterday, pretty good movie.

Damn.. Lucky haha
Internet wise, it's not megabytes per/s it's megabits per/s. If you download stuff at 56megabytes/s my god.. That's bad ass internet lol
Watched 10 minute of Act of Valor and turned off my tv. I need to find a website to catch up on Sons of Anarchy as well as Breaking Bad. Netflix really need to update their selections..

Originally Posted by JS-NA.E92 View Post
Lol, finish line is far from where i'm standing bro.

Version 1 will be done once I get my new steering wheel, m3 complete lower control arms, and camber plates installed. I'll be done with that before next year then i'll start Version 2 around Summer of 2013
Honestly, I say fuck it. I'm not going to rush the process -- I'm just going to enjoy each stage of transformation.

First set of wheels, ever! I stumbled across it looking for pictures for my spring listing. Those wheels will be refinished red after I refinish my Volks