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I have march 2005 320d and wasn't able even to use high beam for DRL. As I've replaced standard bulbs for AE with led just did today modification and this is working nice. As I understand you can't code AE ad DRL, this is possible on car after <some month> 2007. There are two links in my previous post but I don't like this way, I've made my own module but you need to cut two AE wires.

If you beleive you can made module I can explain in details what to do.

BTW. Because of this modification I've checked, led bulbs for AE I've bough on ebay for less than 30 US$ getting like 4xx mA when engine is off (12 V) and like 3xx mA when engine is on (14 V). That seems there are some active components in bulb.