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JB+ 75% review

I was running JB+ at default setting for a while, decided to up it to 75% today...

Changing the boost is quite simple with the JB+, although it didn't occur to me at first that you had to adjust the little arrow, and not the entire blue dial. I was turning the blue dial like an idiot without it budging, not knowing you needed a small flathead screwdriver to adjust it.

Well, anyway, the car is scary fast now...there is a VERY noticeable difference from the default setting and 75% boost. The car just pulls like a madman...almost too quick for its own good sometimes.

Just one question though, whenever I am getting on it pretty hard, I hear this deep throaty "pop" from my exhaust. It almost sounds like a burp....I never noticed this before but of course I never really floored it before like this either. I should also note that this is NOT the gurgle you hear from letting off the gas (I am actively pressing the gas pedal and I hear it). Is this of concern>? BTW, I have the vacuum line for the butterfly valves unplugged (also known as golf-tee mod).