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Decided on Dinan over Procede/JB3 -- childish to want the badge?

Preface -- A year ago when I first bought my car, I was sold on Dinan, but ultimately decided to put 15k miles / 1 year on it before I modded it at all. However, after I saw the crazy gains in JB3/Procede and near undetectability, I briefly decided to go back that route (and even emailed with Robert/Shiv from Vishnu and Terry from BMS -- very nice people with solid products). But during the 3 weeks of waiting for Procede to not be on back order, I read every post related to Dinan and realized that I wanted the comfort of having a product backed by a warranty without dealing with installing/uninstalling the product repeatedly -- that's why I decided on Dinan definitively. I have an appointment for Stage 2 on Thursday morning.

Question -- Is it childish to want the badge to go along with it? I plan on doing the cold air intake, stage 2, and the pedals, which would give me 6 points. I'm trying to decide if it's worth spending another 4k on 20 bHP/Stage 3 or another 2k on a better Dinan suspension to get to 10-11 points to get the badge while I still have the 20% off sale to work with. Anyone think this is temporary insanity that I should ignore?