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I just came across this, and apparently I'm not crazy.

For the first half inch, there is a pronounced musty flavor — part earth, part damp leather with maybe a touch of clove. Not unpleasant, just unusual. That flavor doesn’t linger for long, however. It fades almost instantly into a toasty finish. By the end of the first third, the PLPC begins to resemble the ERDM Choix Supreme. Its medium body is accented by a long, honey-like finish. Not syrupy sweet, but it coats the palate nicely.

There is no spice to speak of, but that’s not to suggest this smoke won’t hold your attention. In fact, it has unusual depth for its modest size. On the second half, it has interesting hints of graham cracker, dashes of earth that come and go, and a finish that some have likened to kettle corn.
As far as the points in bold go:

1. Agreed, but replace clove with pepper.

2. It wasn't until the last 1/3rd of the cigar that I experienced sweetness.

3. It's not spice imo, but it's close to spice. Again, as I suggested earlier there was a peppery flavor for me.

4. I didn't get graham cracker, but I did get sweetness towards the end, and the aftertaste was definenitely vegetable, although not distinctly corn, if anything I'd have to choose celery, and maybe even a hint of cucumber.

It's odd how close my palate is to that of this reviewer's in terms of taste. Interestingly, he gave it an 89 out of 100, whereas I gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. 4.5 x 20 = 90 out of 100. I'd disagree with his comments about value only being average, I think the value of this smoke is outstanding. Perhaps that's a result of what seems to me to be an overall price drop over the past couple of years. Anyhow, all of my present sources are about $1 a stick cheaper than that of the reviewer of this article.

I'd also agree that the PLPC has never been a pretty cigar. They're veiny, and look as though they were rolled by an army of retarded monkeys.

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