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Originally Posted by GetSomeE92 View Post
I don't know about that. I always feel like in that kind of scenario the gangs would have a severe advantage. They're already organized, have plenty of weapons and ammo, and would not hesitate to commit violent acts to take what they needed from others, especially since there would no longer be any law enforcement to worry about. The good people would get overrun, and the competing gangs would set up their territories before moving on to find more supplies.
Originally Posted by carve View Post
True- the worst of the worst would survive, but in the mean time all the baddies would be fighting it out over turf and killing each other. Just have to make your neighborhood harder to overrun than the one down the street.
Not so sure about that. There are at crap ton more of law abiding citizens who are packing guns and ammo than gangs. In society, gangs run largely unchecked due to lower number of police. Add the law abiding citizens who are packing heat to the disbanded police and military and the relatively low numbers of gangs would be put down in short order. Remember the lawless aren't used to people fighting back.

Plus, you'll likely find that gangs will be placing high value on very different things like TVs, electronics, etc... rather than food, water, fuel, etc... Just my $.02
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