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Originally Posted by BEAR-AvHistory View Post
You did not say what mods you have only the you WANT downpipes. If you are not FBO you don't NEED them so its a waste of time & money. Any number of cars are in the low 12's high 11's without aftermarket downpipes.

Also you did not say what state you are in, DP's will not pass most emission tests.
I have jb4 and DCI. i leave the dci in because they said they didnt care. and i take the jb4 out when i'm going in for engine related stuff i take it out. i deff wont be able to take the downpipes out myself. the problem is the downpipes are so visible if they put the car up on the lift for anything at all they will see the downpipes immediately unless i'm mistaken. i live in NY i'm pretty sure they just connect the car to the OBDII so i'm not worried about that at all. the only thing i worry about is warranty related stuff down the road.