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Originally Posted by ChipB View Post
Some confusing answers here. Let me try to clarify:

1. People generally go with smaller diameter wheels so that the tire can have a taller sidewall and stilll have the same overall rolling diameter. The reason is that in the winter the roads tend to be more potholes, and they can be difficult to see under the slush, and hence you are more likely to hit potholes at speed. Going with a taller sidewall provides more cushion for the wheel from the impact of the pot hole, and hence the rim is less likely to be damaged.

People also go with smaller width tires than in summer because it gives better grip in snow and slush.

2 & 3 - go to and do some research. First question to you is run-flats or regular tires? Also consider the amount of snow that you get in your area and the terrain - I would recommemd a different tire if you are driving up to the ski resorts in CO as opposed to commuting around NYC. Your profile says you are in San Diego, but I expect you are asking these questions becaise you'll be driving elsewhere.

So what is the preferred diameter of the wheel and type of tires for upstate new york driving. (I'm expecting heavy snowfall)
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