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Originally Posted by rattmobbins View Post
Man that's pretty steep. Looks like my E91 won't be getting the M3 treatment anytime soon.

I think if my 328 motor was shot I'd find it VERY hard to not just say f*ck it and drop a 335 motor in there. Warranty or not!
I know right!!?!! 335 engine would be awesome!

Actually before they told me about getting a new engine, I was shopping N54 and S65 engines. They already had the engine on order by the time they told me I was getting a new engine, or else I would have offered to pay the difference for an upgraded engine. Regardless, BMW wouldn't do it though since they rebuild engines and sometimes put those rebuilt engines back into new cars, or also back into another car like mine that is covered under warranty. Engines were backordered in NA so mine came on the slow boat from Germany. Anyways, new free engine with an additional 2 years warranty is not bad.

This new engine ordeal was a sign for me to just keep it as a solid daily. I've owned this car only since February 2012 and put only 6k~ miles on it. I had purchased this wagon as my commuter car so speed was not the main purpose. A lot of people on the forums always want to go bigger and faster, and sometimes have an elitist attitude at "slower cars", but not everyone needs a fast car to drive 40mph in stop and go traffic. If I want a faster car, I'd just buy a faster car.. but I do love having something no one else has, even if it's slower. I totally understand the need for speed though, so the "non daily" driver will be much faster.