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Originally Posted by Leucosticte View Post
Hey guys, my buddy's N52 blew up for no apparent reason today, his car starting making a ticking noise a few months back but we theorized that it was something loose on the exhaust after taking off the belt and asking one of our mechanic friends.

Apparently what we were hearing was rod knock since his engine blew up on the side of the highway today and pissed oil everywhere, we pulled the intake manifold off and found one hole in the block near the vacuum pump near cylinder 1 and another hole in the oil pan near cylinder 2.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? This seems pretty much unheard of from an N52. The car was dealer serviced and old lady driven until 170k miles, blew about 2k miles later. Oil level was perfectly fine. It makes me worry about mine as well.

that doesnt mean much to me. My SUV is lady driven by my wife and trust me if it wasnt for me that car would have been done long time ago , my wife is clueless on maintenance or dash lights, she just puts it on D and drives, even if the oil light came on , she wouldnt know. She doesnt even know that an oil change is required after X amount of miles.

back in the days friend of mine used to borrow grandmas car since noone else let him borrow a car and he beat the crap out of it

I ll rather buy a car from enthusiast than an old lady.
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