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Originally Posted by Leucosticte View Post
This really didn't sound like rod knock though, it sounded more like a loose heat shield or piece of plastic or something. I had a knocking Subaru which sounded much deeper. Of course, it might just sound different on an i6. I don't think he really did anything wrong, I inspected the car when he went to buy it, scanned it with ISTA, and I couldn't find anything leaking/wrong with it. The car seemed to be maintained well. We changed all the fluids, did plugs and coils, and some other basic maintenance.

About it being under maintained because it was owned by an old lady. The car came with a stack of BMW service records that probably equaled the total value of the car brand new, the engine looked impeccably clean inside, no sludge or anything. It had no leaks besides a slight leak from the oil pan gasket. It really seemed like a great car on the surface, every option except radar cruise and a 6mt, which makes this all the more disappointing.
Did you properly inspect the OFHG for leaks? The VCG? Did you put the car on a lift and properly inspect the OPG for leaks? Did you perform a compression test on the engine? During the first oil change did you record how much oil came out of the engine? I could go on. The point is, poking around an engine and scanning it for fault codes does not equate to a PPI performed by a BMW specialist. Everything I mentioned above and more could have been checked during a PPI thus likely preventing this situation.

The N52's reputation allows it to rise above virtually any question of its innate reliability, due to this you're going to have a hard time convincing anyone that the engine was well maintained. You mention service records, just how many are there? If this car was truly exclusively dealer-maintained then there should be at least two receipts for oil changes every single year since the vehicle was new. In addition to that, there should be receipts for a plethora of other maintenance items that usually come due before 170,000km including OFHG, VCG, VC, OPG, waterpump and thermostat, coolant hoses, plugs, coils, and those are just the items that are engine related. Did it come with all of those records? Unlikely. You mentioned that you have one too, moral of the story is take proper care of it and you have nothing to worry about.
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