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Originally Posted by ryan stewart View Post
With fiasco, old lady driven usually means old lady maintained. Id much prefer "Owned by a weirdo with a huge garage with a lift and a massive, meticulously maintained tool kit." Or at least owned by a guy whose independent mechanic gives him a bottle of wine for Christmas.

Ive literally been told by a girl, "Can you check my oil, the low oil light has been on for a week" only to find the OIL PRESSURE light has been on for a week. Or that she doesn't know why the check engine light is on but she left her gas cap at a gas station 3 months ago and never got a replacement.
Bruh. I remember my sister's friend telling me she had been driving around with no oil for like a week.

Turns out—and I'm sure you know what I'm about to say—it was just the oil life monitor saying it was time for an oil change.
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