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Wow, so much searching this forum and googling "e90 tablet mount" and never came across that thread, thank you for that, looks good! Kinda glad I didn't see that first though as it might have influenced my route. Mine mount sits more left of center, basically the top left edge is tangent to the cluster hump. The tablet is meant to be removed for overnight or very hot days. It's made dimensionally for a Samsung Galaxy A 8. The back recess is for a finish panel so it looks clean when the tablet is out, and it makes a nice little stash spot for a small power pack, etc. This is where I'm at now, paint drying, gonna mount tomorrow. When I'm happy with the model I'll dump it on Thingiverse for anybody to download and print (it's only like 1.50 in actual material costs).
To get back on topic, thank you for the reply, I'll give some double sided tape a go. Looked at some e-bay dashes and getting behind there with some magnets might be a challenge but if it works I'll be very happy...
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