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Originally Posted by Red Racer View Post
From what I have found, to keep this seat working for more than 15 - 30secs requires some form of stimulation - K-Can or other stimulation. If connecting to the vehicle (various years), coding and/or attaching to the BMW's computer would be required and is in the earlier conversations.

If you choose not to, you can use my idea of adding the simulation box to both seats to keep the seats active / working. Mine has memory, but does not function. I read earlier that the memory is saved in the vehicle's memory which I don't have.

Sorry - my fix is for a retrofit without a BMW computer simulation.

Thanks for your comments on the fastback. Just couldn't disconnect from BMW's performance. The M5 is incredible at all speeds and the 850i's V12 6sp is smooth a silk over 150mph! You just can't get that in a 50+ year old mustang, but I'll keep trying...

hello ,

my question was if I have two seats that are not active. the driver has a module and the passenger does not. I remove them and put two non-active seats, the driver has a module and the passenger also has a module. I then pull the CAN-BUS cables from the passenger to the idrive or JBE or a CAN network splice. then would I have to code? I will not use the memory in the passenger because they are not active. And the passenger seat does not have position sensors (from pins 1 to 4 that are in the connectors of the height or length adjustment or headrest etc. There are only 2 pins, not the 4 since the other 2 correspond to the sensors) So I don't know why it would be necessary to code ... maybe for the car to allow the voltage to be supplied to the module to move the seat, it would give the order that if you can move it with the buttons. otherwise there is power available, there is CAN connection but there is no order from the car and therefore it does not move ... or it moves 15 seconds until it is the turn of the passenger to communicate with the SMFA module and the car tells it to it does not move because it does not recognize it (you have to code)

in europe and spain specifically there are those who dream of a car like yours. I am 50 years or older They are legends here.

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