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My First Bimmer

Just got my very first Bimmer...

I'm coming from a 6MT 2005 RX-8 GT in Winning Blue which I picked up on October 18th, 2005. Put 84000km on her...I did not really want to trade her in...<3 Zoom-Zoom too much.

Here's my 6AT 2011 335Xi e92 M-sport/Exec pack/Nav pack in Le Mans Blue picked up on October 18th, 2011...(yes I need a better camera...Iphone4 don't cut it)
There were a few scratches on my car pre-delivery, so the dealer "fixed" the scratches and left me with free buffer trails. So I detailed the whole car in and out right after I picked her up...Clayed, 1-pass Meguairs M205 and sealed with Menzerna Powerlock.

Just put on my winter rims/tires a few days ago...

Quick comparo:
Obviously the 335Xi is faster than my RX-8, however I do miss the 6MT in my RX-8, but at the same time it was better for me to get 6AT for the rush hour commute. I'd argue that my RX-8 had better road feel from the steering wheel even though the 335Xi has a tighter steering wheel. I would think that the road feel in the 335Xi would improve without run-flats. The RX-8 is a corner carver and has a very balanced chassis, but I feel that the 335Xi is much more stable and buttoned down in a fast corner. I enjoy the new comfortable and quiet ride compared to my RX-8. The tuning in the 335Xi is a very good compromise between sport/touring. The wheel gap in the Xi is ugly, but I don't mind it because we have hellish winters here in Cowgary. I actually already scraped the front in downtown even with the higher front on the Xi. The most amazing part about the new car is that I'm getting about ~10-12l/100km in my new 335Xi which is very good. I consistently got ~13-14l/100km in my RX-8 which is pretty darn bad.

Creature Comfort:
The suicide doors in the RX-8 made it so easy for passengers to get in and out of the rear seats. The 335Xi rear entry like all coupes is a pain in the ass, however the rear seats are very, very spacious and comfortable. My major complaint is the Idrive system. I have the CIC unit, but the Navigation system is still piss poor compared to TomTom on my Iphone. The maps in Canada are horribly out of date as are the POIs. The USB/Iphone integration is a bit slow to react or load album art. My biggest complaint is no Unicode support for Chinese/Japanese text from factory. Everything else is amazing in the car. I love the anthracite headliner in my M-sport. The seats are amazing to sit in, but when getting in and out of them I always hit the bolsters, and am afraid that one day a zipper will scratch the crap out of the bolsters.

I have had TONS of compliments and thumbs-ups driving my RX-8. I loved the design of it. I do not expect I will get any in the Bimmer. To tell the truth, I thought the e90 and e92 were ugly when they first came out. The LCI update made them much more pleasing...of course aesthetics is one's personal opinion, so don't be offended.

As with all new cars, I always count the time before the first damage/scratch/chip...It has not been a good count for me...When I got my RX-8, I was lightly rear-ended after 3 months. We got a TSX as a family car and I had a HUGE windshield chip the next day after pickup. For our other family car, Benz R350, I smacked the mirror on the side of our garage after 2 weeks. On the new Bimmer...I scraped the bottom of the front in downtown exiting a steep alley curb slowly at an angle a few days after pickup. A few days ago while changing to winter tires I bent the driver's side rear brake dust shield...d'oh...