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[serious topic] Who will support me in legislation change?

Okay so i was reading thru the following thread about a front plate ticket:

Someone said, why don't you make an effort to change the laws. I'm curious... How many of you on this forum and pretty much every automotive forum that is popular in the USA would support me in a cause to make change happen.

Basically if we can put together a template document and track down who to send it to in every state... I think we can make a change. This would require actual voters tommake a small effort and to also vote out any incumbant who does not make the change by the time his election period runs out.

For non-voters... Just bring awareness to the cause could help as well as letting your friends/family who are voters know about this cause too.

I personally think we can make change (either law change or political official change, in any case we will have change )

So who is with me on this grass roots effort???