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Originally Posted by fazman View Post
Okay, i would need someone to volunteer to be the lead person for each state and help focus those residents towards this goal. Having a local person who has voting rights in that state and can go to local courts or track down local gov't officials to bring awareness is a good place to start.

We can also post up a question at the federal level because states get funding from the federal gov't so if we make that win... It can trickle down.
I respect your desire to make a change and our society is setup to allow any citizen to lobby for what he/she believes in. Here are my thoughts.

1. This is not a federal issue. Never has been. Never will be. Your barking up the wrong tree here. Constitutionally this is a state issue.

2. Unless you can come up with a really good and valid reason why the state laws should be changed, don't bother. The reason would have to be something like, "every year 100 people needlessly die in state X, due to front mounted license plates."

3. Alternatively and honestly this is your best bet, you need to get a politician to sneak this in a bill somewhere. BUT to do that you would have to grease their pockets and do other illegal things (which I think is a bad idea). The cities and counties make money off this setup and in a big state like mine (Texas) I am sure changing this law would cost the local governments millions of dollars.

4. Here is my practical advice. Save your time and frustration and just set a small amount of money aside for tickets for no front license plate and chalk it up to the cost of doing what you want.