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Originally Posted by j335is View Post
It looks like I have a little bit of research/pricing before jumping in head first into purchasing a set of winters -- being rather new to the auto world, I have to make double sure that I'm buying the right product for my vehicle.

If I chose to "DIY" with Tirerack, I'm looking at:

- $1000 bucks (inc shipping to YYC) to get the tires to the installer,
- $100-$200 spacers for the back,
- rims ($?),
- installation/+fees

Does that look about right?
Just IMHO, but I wouldn't waste money on spacers for the rear. They'll look fine without, unless you're REALLY concerned about a few centimetres...

Also, unless things have changed (and they might have, somebody please correct me if so) in Canada BMW uses the ABS sensor for the TPMS, not a true stand alone TPMS system, so you don't need the TPMS sensors in your order.