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Originally Posted by ed-320d View Post
Any reason you asked about Euforias? The reason I asked is I bought 4 euforias (with 50% tread left) and 17" alloy 158 from ebay about a month ago for only $350. I wander why they sell them so cheap. Maybe they are not good? I havent put them on the car yet, as I am still waiting for the car.
I can't pretend to be an expert on this, but from what I have gathered:

1. Euforias are first generation RFT's, and may not have been the best of that generation. Plenty of people have dumped them ( and other early generation RFT's) because of ride and noise issues
2. RFT's have improved significantly with each new generation, but some people are still dumping the latest ones. I'm increasingly certain Bridgestone's latest RE050A RFT is at least partly to blame for the flawed ride in my e92 335i for example.