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Question Possibly buying an '08 E92. Need your guys' help with pricing!

Okay, so my lease is almost up on my '06 325i. I'm looking to either buy out the car OR buy a new 328i. .. especially with the 0.9 financing and auto trans. deal being offered right now.

I started contacting every dealer in my area (around 5-10 dealerships) asking what they have on their lot that fits the bill: 2008 328i in black or white, leather interior OK, with auto trans. and power seats. (Since I'm a student, I really can't afford much more than base level so that's all I need.) Most dealerships that got back to me are either all out of '08 coupes, or have a few that don't fit what I'm requesting. Here's where I need your help.

HOWEVER, one dealership right by me just told me they have a white '08 328i in stock, but there are two issues: 1) it's a little over loaded for my budget--premium package, cold weather package, iPod and USB adapter, and satellite radio, and 2) someone has had a deposit down on it for the past week. They let me know about the car because apparently there's been some credit issues and they're not sure if the deal is going to go through.

The MSPR on the car is $42,845, invoice is $39,475, and the selling price the dealer's offering me is $40,115 ($640 over invoice).

Now, here's what I need your guys' input on. I know $640 over invoice would normally be a good deal, but shouldn't I expect more off considering they're phasing out 2008's now that 2009's are in production? Also, with the 0.9% financing BMW is offering, there's also something about adding automatic transmission at no cost. Could this offer apply to my case? Because then that brings the invoice down to $38,215.

Basically, I want to know how you experienced BMW buyers/negotiators would handle my situation. Keep in mind that there's another interested party who already has a deposit down on the car.