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Originally Posted by nana516 View Post
see I thought the same thing but since this my first time negotiating a car, I'm really unsure about the whole process and what's fair/ not fair. That's why I appreciate all your input.

I'm not opposed to the car he's offering though I am opposed to paying more than the fair price for it. How do you suggest I approach the dealer?
That's a tough one because I can't find any prices for used BMW's for MY2008 (although I only looked at and, you may have more luck if you do more research).

If you really want this car, you should tell the dealer that you consider it used and you want a REALLY good deal on it, something way below invoice. I honestly don't know what would be considered a good deal, though, so I just punched in some numbers in for MY2007. Here's what I got for a private party sale.

Excellent: $32,025
Good: $30,305
Fair: $28,080

Suggested retail was $35,475.

Please note, I just put in my zip code for these prices. Your prices may vary a bit.

If you're comfortable buying a loaner, I would use the suggested retail price as my "up the sleeve take it or leave it price" and start negotiating at the private sale price of 32k.