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Originally Posted by iflyjetzzz View Post
BMW has built a Rube Goldberg machine.
Changing a battery in a car is one of the simplest maintenance tasts that one can do; only slightly more complex than refilling the windshield washer fluid. I like to do the minor maintenance items myself - change oil, change air filters, change the battery, etc. Quite frankly, after reading this thread, I fell less comfortable doing any type of maintenance to the car due to unintended consequences.
This is the final nail in the coffin for me; I'll likely sell my car when the license plates are due for renewal next year and either go with a Cayman S or 911 (yes, Porsches are huge maintenance beasts, but I know that going into the purchase). My wife was going to get a BMW as her next car; after seeing the hassle that I've been going through to get BMW to warranty replace my battery (I will have to sue BMWNA in small claims court), she is now sold forever on Acura.
In my humble opinion, BMW is destroying their brand name. It's too bad; it's a nice driving car once you get rid of the run flats.
If you like to do light maintenance work, I'll assume you have a decent set of tools. Why not just get a BMW scan tool that interfaces with the computer modules in the car, and register the battery when the time comes to replace it? It would be a lot less expensive than loosing so much depreciation on your BMW. Also, I don't understand the logic of buying a Porsche knowing that it is a huge maintenance beast, but selling a BMW because you didn't know it was such a maintenance beast. And if you can afford a Cayman or 911, what in the hell is so burdensome about paying an independent mechanic a few bucks to register a new battery?